Free clutch replacement check

The condition of the clutch system affects the overall performance of your car or van. A worn clutch will increase your fuel consumption, costing you money, and it'll make your car less powerful too. If you let it get too bad, your car may lose drive completely.

If you experience any of the following your clutch may need attention:

  • Hard to engage gear
  • Crunching noise when changing gears
  • Juddering during pull away
  • Noticeable burning smell
  • The RPM increases when you press the throttle, but your vehicle speed does not increase at a similar rate

We only undertake a clutch replacement if it is absolutely necessary.

It is essential to keep your clutch well maintained in order to ensure that your vehicle is running smoothly at all times.

Call us Now on 01708 752511 to arrange a free clutch check

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