Platinum Membership Options - Choose the one that best suits your needs

Platinum Card Membership Options

Servicing (Normally £79)

What we do:

  • Change oil & filter
  • Fill coolant, window washer fluid, power steering fluid & tyres to the correct pressure
  • Lubricate steering
  • Check air filter, brake fluid, vehicle undercarriage, all lights, wiper blades, transmission fluid
  • Tyre condition, air con temperature & engine bay for leaks

Air Con (Normally £59)

What we do:

  • Inspect pressure lines & connections for leaks
  • Drain & vacuum the air conditioning system
  • Replace pollen filter
  • Recharge the coolant gas to optimum level
  • Decontaminate the entire system to remove harmful bacteria and mould leaving your car smelling clean and fresh
  • Guaranteed for 6 months and takes less than 1 hour

MOT (Normally £29)

  • The smarter and more convenient way to MOT your vehicle (Class IV Limit)
  • Tested in 30 minutes
  • Wheel Alignment (Normally £39)
  • Undertaken with State-of-the-Art Hunter equipment
  • Computer print out provided


Top-ups are always free for Platinum Members.

  • Your oil with premium Castrol oil
  • Your washer fluid
  • Your tyre pressures to keep you safe and your fuels bills down

Order yours today call 01708 752511

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